Emergency Evacuation Procedures

In advance, each staff member or volunteer should:

Understand the evacuation plan and know at least two ways out of the building from your regular workspace.

When you hear the Evacuation Alarm or are told to evacuate the building:

1.             Remain calm.

2.           Immediately shut down all hazardous operations.

3.           Leave quickly, but take the two-way radio, keys, mobile phone, purse, etc. in case you are not allowed back in the building.

4.           Every employee should check that all others in that workspace are leaving as instructed. 

5.           As you exit, quickly check for visitors or volunteers in nearby restrooms, closets, copier rooms, etc. and insist that they evacuate, too.

6.           Montessori teachers, LPD Security Officer, second floor staff and any art camp teachers are responsible for the evacuation of students from the classrooms, library, restrooms, etc.

7.           Accompany and help handicapped personnel, visitors and any co-worker who appears to need assistance.

8.           Shut but do not lock all doors behind you as you go. Closed doors can slow down the spread of fire, smoke or water. Collections and Curatorial Offices should remain locked. Curatorial Department Staff should take Collections, Art Storage and Curatorial Office keys as they evacuate and be prepared to turn them over to firefighters or police.

9.           Proceed as quickly as possible, but in an orderly manner. Do not use the elevator. Do not push or shove. Hold handrails when you are walking on stairs.

10.         Once out of the building, go to the assembly area at the Children’s Tile Plaza (or under the library awning if it is raining).

11.           All staff and volunteers must be accounted for promptly. Assist in getting a complete head count of your department. If you recognize that someone is missing, inform Security. Remain in the assembly area until assigned emergency duties or instructed to leave.

12.          Assist the teachers as needed to control and protect the students.


  • Do not return to the building until the all clear is given by Security, even after the alarm has stopped sounding.

  • Do not leave the premises until told to do so by authorities.