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Photography Software

(Note: You need both an editing program like Photoshop and an organizing program like Lightroom. Some programs like ACDsee does both)

Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop ($10 per month) (My software of choice)

ACDsee Ultamate ($99) - Both

Affinity Photo ($49) - Editing

Darktable (Free Lightroom Alternative) - Organizing

GIMP (Free Photoshop Alternative) - Editing

Squoosh.app (resize a photo) - Resize a photo- that’s it!

Video Editing Software

Adobe Premiere Pro ($21 per month) (My software of choice)

DaVinci Resolve (Free or $299)

Audio Editing Software

Adobe Audition ($21 per month)

Audacity (Free)

Drawing/Vector Software

Adobe Illustrator ($21 per month)

Inkscape (free)

Computer Animation Software

Adobe Affer Effects ($21 per month)

Blender (free)