Gas Leak

Natural gas is used for cooking in the kitchen of the Museum and in heating hot water. In the kitchen, a slight odor of gas is often detectable if a pilot light goes out. There is no cause for alarm.  Notify Operations or Security.


If you smell a strong odor of gas outside the kitchen:

1.  Remain calm.

2.  Notify Security in person. Do not use the two-way radio.


4.  Security/Operations staff will make the determination whether to evacuate.

5.  If an evacuation is ordered, staff and Security Officers will assist in evacuating the immediate area.

6.  Do not use the elevator.

7.  A security officer should then be dispatched to the bottom of the stairwell to pull the evacuation alarm and direct visitors and staff to exit there instead of through the Perkins Gallery. Stay away from the Kitchen.

8.  Gregory (Director of Operations & Security) Joe or Al (Operations/Security) will turn off the gas from outside the building.

9.  After evacuating, go to the designated area at the Children’s Tile Plaza (under the library awning if it is raining).

10.  Only the gas company should turn the gas back on after it has been turned off. The pilot lights will need to be reignited on the water heaters and in the kitchen.

11.  Do not return to the Museum until told to do so by authorized personnel.


If evacuation is ordered, wait at the Children’s Tile Plaza until given further