Medical Emergencies


If a visitor, staff member, docent, student or volunteer is ill or injured, or when an employee observes someone who appears to be ill or injured:

1.             Notify Security via the two-way radio.

2.           Notify Gregory via cell phone (409-3743)

3.           Send someone to retrieve a first aid kit, trauma kit and/or the defibrillator. Begin administering the minimum first aid necessary and decide what additional treatment is required (call the Fire Department, Paramedics, ambulance, or other). Security will be responsible for calling 911 unless time is of the essence, such as a heart attack. If Security is administering first aid, please call 911 in place of Security.

4.           Do not attempt to move a person who has fallen and who appears to be in pain.

5.           If the injury requires medical assistance, be prepared to accompany the victim to a medical facility. The Executive Director and/or Department Head will notify their family.

6.           After the person has been taken care of, Security will fill out an incident report to get the victim’s name, contact information and any details as to what happened. You may need to remain available to help with the investigation.



Every staff member should know where the first aid kit for their department is. In addition, there are four (4) first aid boxes in the following locations:

          Hollis Gallery: in the front desk on the far right cabinet

          Small Education Classrooms: in the cabinet above the sink         

Administration: on top of the mailboxes

Kitchen:  to the left of the door as you walk in the room (not portable)

Trauma Kits are for life threatening injuries (orange bags) and are in the following locations:

Preparations Area: beside the Security Office door

Administration: on top of the mailboxes



Should someone’s heart stop, there is an AED (defibrillator) in the Perkins Gallery beside the Auditorium door near the kitchen. Security and most staff are periodically trained in CPR and the use of an AED.