Active Shooter

An active shooter situation is where someone in the building or in the parking lot is actively firing a gun or showing the intent to fire the weapon. Police initial responsibility is to stop the shooter, not to rescue or help you. Speed is critical here and you have 3 options- Run, Hide or Fight.



Get away from the shooter as fast as possible. Leave your belongings behind. Keep your hands raised with fingers spread. Do not hold your cell phone or keys in your hands and keep them visible at all times. Do not run directly to or try to hold on to the officers. Do not talk to the officers unless you have critical information they need such as number of shooters or what they are wearing. If a coworker or visitor is too frighten to run, leave them and exit the building.



If you cannot get out of the building, hide in an office and lock the door and barricade with desk or filing cabinets. Call 911. Note that it can take many hours before Police come to your aid. Stay put until they do.



Fighting is your last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger. If you must fight, act with as much aggression, surprise and speed as possible. Do what is necessary to save your life.


Three Ways You Can Save Lives

1.  Let Everyone Know What is Happening

Make an announcement over the phone system that there is a shooter in the building (go to any phone, lift the handset and hit the INTERCOM soft key to make a building wide announcement) or use the two-way radio. DO NOT USE THE FIRE ALARM (you may be sending more victims into the line of fire).


2.  Press the Panic Button at the Front Desk or in the Shop

There is a panic button under the front desk that calls 911 and tells them there is an armed robbery in progress.


3.  Lock down the Second Floor

a.  Send the elevator upstairs and put a chair, a stool, shoe, a book or some other object in the door of the elevator to prevent it from closing.

b.  Use the lock down chain in Administration to lock down the stairs. If time permits lock the door first, if you can safely do so. Then put the chain on.