Cyber Attack

If one computer becomes infected, it can infect all the computers on the network; therefore, it is important for you to remain vigilant when using the Museum’s computers. A malware infection could cost the Museum tens of thousands of dollars and an entire week to clean up. Some malware types destroy or encrypt your data, and you may not be able to get it back. 60% of small businesses that lose their data never recover and go bankrupt.


If you suspect your computer is infected:

1.        Physically unplug your computer from the network by disconnecting the yellow network cable attached to your computer.

2.       Write down any messages that appear on the screen word-for-word, take a screen shot, or take a photo with your phone (turn off the flash first) and email the photo to Gregory.

3.       Contact Gregory (Director of Security, Operations & Technology) as soon as possible via cell phone by calling 409-3743. If he is unable to answer, leave a message, and he will return your call in a few minutes.

4.       Do not use your computer until it has been thoroughly scanned for infections and given a clean bill of health.



If the Museum does come under attack, the plan is to restore or wipe the

Computer to a point before the computer was under attack and then restore

from one of the following backups that happen every day:

·       Two Hour Backup – We have a backup that happens every 2 hours housed in a fireproof, waterproof safe

·       Nightly Backups – We have 2 nightly backups that happen separately on 2 different backup servers

·       Offsite Backups – We have 5 offsite backups, one for each day of the week

·       Barracuda Backup – We have a Barracuda Backup Server Appliance for an additional backup

·       Online Backup – We have online backup though Carbonite

·       Weekly Backups – We have backups that can go back in a week at a time for up to a month back