Damage to Artwork

If you see someone, or if you yourself cause damage to a work of art, don’t panic or you may do further damage


1.  Notify Curatorial Staff or Gregory (Director of Operations & Security) right away, even on the weekends:

·       Loren                         ext. 251

·       Kalisa                        ext. 289

·       Matt                          ext. 222

·       Laura                        ext. 288

·       Gregory                     ext. 243

2.  Keep people away from the artwork that is damaged. If necessary, do not let anyone in the gallery. The entrance to Galleries I & II have built in retractable stanchion ribbons.

3.  Do not touch the artwork. You might damage it further.

4.  Security will ask you to fill out an incident report explaining what happened. Gregory or Loren (Collections Manager), or will take photographs of the damage to include with the incident report. If they are not available, Danielle or Matt use the staff camera on Gregory’s photography cart by in the server room and take several photos from several different angles.

5.  The Curatorial Department staff or Gregory is the only staff allowed to move the damaged artwork but you may be asked to assist moving the artwork.

6.  Laura (Exhibitions Coordinator) or Loren (Collections Manager) will contact the insurance company and/or the lender as appropriate for the situation.