The Museum has never had a fire. There is no reason for us to ever to have such a fire if we continue to promote sound fire prevention practices, report all hazards to Security and educate ourselves on all aspects of fire prevention.  


If a fire occurs:

1.             Remain calm. Your calm behavior can have a positive influence on those around you.

2.           Leave the area and call the Fire Department (911) as soon as flames, unexplainable smoke or other signs of fire are discovered.

3.           Notify Security of the fire via the two-way radio.

4.           If the fire is small, attempt to put it out with a fire extinguisher only after notifying Security.  Do not jeopardize your personal safety.

5.           Never allow the fire to come between you and the exit.

6.           Disconnect electrical equipment that is on fire if it is safe to do so. (Pull the plug or throw the circuit breaker.)

7.           Evacuate your area if you are unable to put out the fire. Close doors and windows behind you to confine the fire. Go to the designated area at the Children’s Tile Plaza (under the library awning if it is raining).

8.           Museum staff is responsible for clearing all visitors from the building. The second floor staff and teachers are responsible for the evacuation of the students from the classrooms, restrooms, etc.

9.           Curatorial Department shall make every reasonable effort to safeguard the permanent collection when possible.

10.         Do not break or open windows. Oxygen feeds a fire.

11.           Do not open hot doors. Before opening a door, touch it near the top.  If the door is hot or if smoke is visible, do not open the door.

12.          Do not use the elevator.

13.          Do not attempt to save possessions at the risk of personal injury.

14.         Do not return to the emergency area until told to do so by authorized personnel. Staff should also not leave the grounds until told to do so by Alex(Executive Director) or Gregory (Director of Operations & Security).

15.          After the event is over, if the cleanup requires more equipment, personnel or skills than we have, Alex (Executive Director), Pal (Deputy Director) and/or Gregory (Director of Security & Operations) will call our insurance company for guidance in consultation with Florida Southern College. Laura (Exhibitions Coordinator) or Loren (Collections Manager) will call the fine art insurance company if artwork was damaged.


All fires, no matter how small, must be reported to Gregory