If you do not have an app that will warn you of severe weather alerts, stop what you are doing and install FEMA’s weather alert app that will warn you when a tornado is heading your way. It is free for both iOS and Android. Install it now, before you read on any further. It could save your life.


If a Tornado Watch is issued, conditions are right for the formation of a tornado.


If a Tornado Warning is issued, a tornado has been spotted in your area. Seek shelter immediately.


During a tornado:

If you are inside:

1.  Stay away from windows, doors and small movable objects.

2.  Go to one of the designated Safe Rooms in the building (see map on page 48). Safe Rooms are interior rooms with no windows (such as restrooms) and no artwork that could be damaged. 

3.  If unable to go to a safe room, crawl under a desk.


If you are outside:

1.  Move to a depression in the ground, culvert or ditch and lie down facing away from the approaching storm.

2.  If you are in a vehicle, stop and take cover in a ditch or culvert away from your vehicle.


After the tornado:

1.  Remain calm. Your calm behavior can have a positive influence on those around you.

2.  Be prepared for more tornados to form.

3.  Do not move injured persons unless they are in danger.

4.  Do not use matches or lighters.

5.  Do not use elevators.

6.  Avoid using telephones or cell phones. They should be used for emergencies only. Use text messages instead.

7.  Be guided by Security or Department Heads.


After the storm, be prepared to assist the Curatorial Department in securing art or assist in the supervision of children or visitors.