Theft of Artwork

The Curatorial Department is responsible for all artwork in the building. If a work of art is temporarily removed by the Curatorial department, they should put up a sign saying the artwork was removed. If someone in Education removes a Student Gallery artwork, they should also put up a sign saying the work was removed. A clue that an artwork was stolen is empty hangers on the wall without a sign saying the work was removed by the Museum staff.


In the event that a work of art appears to be missing:

1.        Notify Security and Loren (Collections Manager), Laura (Exhibitions Manager) or someone else in the Curatorial Department right away:

  • Loren          899-6760              ext. 251

  • Matt            991-5619                ext. 222

  • Laura          206-0456              ext. 288

2.       Notify Alex (Executive Director) at ext. 234 or (917) 861-1683

2.       If the work is actually missing Gregory (Director of Operations & Security) or Joe (Operations/Security) will review the security camera footage to try to find out what happened. If the work was stolen, Gregory will call Lakeland Police Department to report the theft.

3.       Security will fill out an incident report.

4.       Loren or Laura will notify our insurance company. They will also contact the lender if the object was on loan.


Part of every employee’s job description states that we are all responsible for the security of the Museum and the artwork. Remain vigilant when you walk through the building.