Suspicious Person

  • If you notice a suspicious person:


    1.  Call Gregory (Director of Security, Operations & Technology), Claire (Executive Director) or Pal (Deputy Director) if available, otherwise use your best judgment as to whether we need to shutdown the 2nd floor or the entire Museum.

    2.  If we shut down the 2nd floor an announcement will be made on the phone and radios that we are "shutting down the 2nd floor.”

    3.  Security or Joe (Operations Assistant) should turn off power to the elevator

    4.  Either Gregory or someone in Admin needs to lock the 2nd floor stairwell door, the admin door and tell Montessori to go on lock-down.

    5.  Security, Joe and Gregory should remain in the area to monitor the situation to keep an eye on the suspicious person.


    The moment any threat of violence is made, 911 should be called and the entire building put on lockdown.