Active Shooter

RUN - Get out of the building if you can

HIDE - Lock yourself somewhere safe if you cant get out

FIGHT - Fight with everything you have if you have no other choice


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Bomb/Bomb Threat

  • Get as much information as possible (there is a bomb threat checklist under each phone in the building)
  • Report in person to security instead of using the radio on cell phone which may trigger the device
  • Security will call 911 using a land line 
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Chemical Spill

  • Call Gregory and inform him what chemical was being used and where
  • Get the MSDS sheets from the custodial closet either upstairs or downstairs 
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  • Pull the nearest fire alarm pull
  • Leave the building and make sure all visitors are leaving with you
  • Don't use the elevator
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Gas Leak

  • Call Gregory, Joe or Al if you smell gas outside the kitchen
  • Don't turn on or off any light-switches or appliances 
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Medical Emergencies

  • Call 911 if it is life threatening, otherwise have Security call 911
  • Notify Security so they can send someone out front to wait on the ambulance to guide them to the location of the victim
  • Send someone to get the first aid kit, trauma kit or AED if necessary
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Missing Child

  • Declare "Code Adam" on the radio and phone intercom
  • Announce a description of the child on the radio and the phones
  • Security will lock the front door and remain the doors
  • All staff will search the building for 10 minutes
  • If the child has not been found in 10 minutes, call 911
  • If the child has been found and appears to be OK, give them back to their parents or guairians
  • If the child is with a person other than their guardians, we can not physically stop then but try and verbally stop then until the police arrive
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  • Stay home if you are sick so you don't get anyone else sick
  • Wash your hands often
  • Keep at least one weeks worth of food, water and medication at home at all times
  • Follow instructions given by the CDC, state and local health departments  
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Power Outage

  • If the Museum does not have power, we are closed
  • Security should lock the front door
  • Staff should take their flashlights and search the building for visitors and escort them to the Hollis Gallery (main lobby)
  • We have emergency lighting but it will only work for a limited time and then shut off
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Suspicious Person

  • Call Gregory, Pal or Claire if available, otherwise use your best judgment as to whether we need to shutdown the 2nd floor or the entire Museum
  • If we shut down the 2nd floor and announcement will be made on the phone and radios that we are "shutting down the 2nd floor"
  • Security should turn off power to the elevator
  • Either Gregory or someone in Admin needs to lock the 2nd floor stairwell door, the admin door and tell Montessori to go on lock-down. 
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  • Follow instructions given by federal, state and local authorities  
  • Make sure you have at least one weeks worth of food, water and medication for your family at all times at home
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Theft of Artwork

  • Call Curatorial Department to make sure they have not removed the artwork
  • Call Gregory so he can call the police to report the theft
  • Loren or Laura will inform the lender and the insurance company 
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  • There are weather radios scattered around the building. When then alarms go off saying there is a tornado in the area, don't ignore it
  • If a tornado strike is imminent, get everyone to an interior room with no windows, preferably a small room such as the restrooms
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  • Report any vandalism to Security
  • Security will call 911 and fill out an incident report
  • Treat the area as a crime scene (do not disturb it)
  • Inform Curatorial if it involves artwork 
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